After one year of virtual co-innovation, LeverX’s AppHaus located in Minsk could finally be launched.

For more than 18 years, LeverX has been closely collaborating with SAP as an international business consulting firm. With more than 550 successful customer projects, LeverX set up their own customer facing creative space in Minsk last year and became part of the SAP AppHaus Network. The partner synergies have evolved rapidly through the consequent application of SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation with the goal to co-innovate with SAP Business Technology Platform. LeverX pools outstanding technological and architectural competencies and has built up Design Thinking as a new skill within the last few years. The combination of both worlds proved…

Co-authors: Jeff Howell (Global Vice President of the High-Tech Industry Business Unit) & Manfred Kopisch (Director, Solution Management, High Tech Industry Business Unit)

Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1735 “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” when advising Philadelphia about protecting towns from fires. Nearly 300 years later, these words still apply to any area where abrupt disruptions can have disastrous effects on a system.

Covid-19 is the latest in the string of major supply chain disruptions the high-tech industry experienced in the last decade. External macro events including, for example, tariff wars or natural disasters are a…

New York is in a state of emergency. The city that never sleeps is now marked by empty streets, bars, restaurants and cultural institutions. Nevertheless, there is something to celebrate: It is mid of October. A letter carrier is on his way to hand over a souvenir to five special people. Its recipients Laura, Mina, Niz, Andrew and George have one thing in common. They represent SAP’s Customer Innovation organization in New York and form the local SAP AppHaus team that celebrated its birthday on October 15, 2020. They all receive a team-branded leather key chain. …

The submissions are in. The jury has spoken. Among 700 submissions overall, SAP wins four German Innovation Awards. Beyond all obstacles we face in times of the COVID-19 crisis, the SAP AppHaus, as part of the Customer Innovation organization under SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP SE, Jürgen Müller, has been honored with the 2020 German Innovation Gold Award and the 2020 German Innovation Winner Award for its Innovation Culture Toolkit and Healthcare project OP 4.1.

“Congratulations to the team: The awards underscore the strength of SAP’s holistic approach with a clear technology strategy tailored to…

„They all said: It doesn’t work. And then there was someone who did not care and just did it.“ Goran Kikic, German author and mental coach

What does a leading software company like SAP and the former heavy-weight boxing world champion Dr. Wladimir Klitschko have in common? Not so much you would think but actually both of them have been developing new methods over the past couple of years to acquire and apply innovation skills.

The human aspect

In order to successfully implement innovative ideas you need the right people who are skilled in different innovation methods paired with the right soft…

We’re honored to announce that Fast Company has recognized SAP’s Dot Dot Bot in the learning category for the 2019 Innovation by Design Awards. Dot Dot Bot is a chatbot design methodology that helps teams create chatbots that answer the questions their customers actually have. Congrats to the entire SAP AppHaus Team! It’s so exciting to be recognized for creating an analog tool to drive innovation in the emerging tech space.

So what is Dot Dot Bot all about?

Have you ever asked a chatbot a question, and had it answer “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question.” So have we.

In the SAP AppHaus team, we focus…

Eric Klebeck

Marketing & Communications @ SAP AppHaus

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